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Keeping deer out of your yard or property can be a frustrating challenge for many homeowners in Dayton. As beautiful as they are, deer can cause extensive damage to gardens, landscaping, and vegetation.

Our expert team at Fence Company Dayton Ohio specializes in installing customized deer fencing solutions to effectively keep pesky deer at bay while preserving your property’s aesthetic.

With over 10 years of experience providing premier fencing installations in Dayton, our deer fencing service leverages durable materials and innovative techniques to establish a reliable barrier between your space and local deer populations.

We closely examine your property to develop fencing solutions tailored to your unique needs and specifications.

Optimal placement, proper height, and fence type are key factors our specialists consider when designing your deer fence.

From nearly invisible polypropylene mesh to ornamental welded wire to all-weather wood privacy designs, our fences blend durability, strength and style for long-lasting deer control.

We use high-tensile tension wire and galvanized posts strategically situated to prevent deer from breaching. Gates, hardware and additional deterrents can be incorporated for enhanced protection.

For many homeowners in Dayton, our custom deer fences provide peace of mind and reliable results for keeping deer at bay.

Process We Follow for Deer Fencing

Initial Consultation

The process starts with an on-site evaluation of your property by one of our deer management experts. We assess the terrain, vegetation, layout and condition of your space to determine an optimal fencing solution.

Key considerations include the presence of existing fencing or walls, problematic areas where deer tend to enter, and primary locations needing protection. We also discuss the extent of deer issues you’re experiencing, trouble spots, style preferences and any jurisdictional restrictions.

Solution Development

After thoroughly examining your property and deer concerns, we develop a customized deer fencing strategy tailored to your situation.

This involves proposing fence styles, materials, dimensions and layouts that address deer access points while meeting aesthetic and performance needs. We outline expected costs or provide competitive bids based on project specifications.

Installation Process

Once our proposal is approved, our professional team coordinates all aspects of the installation process. We schedule equipment delivery and crew allocation to minimize disturbance to homeowners.

Our experts handle fence layout and site preparation, setting sturdy line posts and braces secured in concrete footing.

We utilize high-tensile tension wire, hardy mesh or wood panels with galvanized framework installed to recommended heights. Gates, hardware and additional enhancements are incorporated per design specs.

Throughout the careful installation process, we establish reliable barriers to keep deer out while preserving the surrounding landscape and visual appeal. Our crew cleans up the site and can provide guidance for protecting your new deer fence.

Ongoing Maintenance

Proactive fence inspection and maintenance is key for sustaining maximum performance against deer. We offer maintenance packages and can promptly address any fence issues as they emerge.

From removing vegetation to repairing damage to adjusting wires or hardware, our experts ensure your deer fence retains its protective integrity for years of unrelenting durability.

Cost of Deer Fencing in Dayton Ohio

The cost of deer fencing installation varies based on the extent of coverage needed, fence height and materials, terrain complexity, access enhancements and other custom specifications. At Fence Company Dayton Ohio, our prices are competitive across the deer barrier solutions we expertly install:

  • Polypropylene Mesh Deer Fence – $15-$18 per linear foot
  • Ornamental Welded Wire Deer Fence – $20-$25 per linear foot
  • Wood Privacy Deer Fence – $25-$35 per linear foot
  • Additional gates, hardware, adjustments – Pricing upon consultation

We provide fair, transparent estimates tailored to your specific protective needs. Our customers find our combination of outstanding service, durable installations and reasonable prices deliver reliable deer control that prevents recurring costs from continual landscape damage.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over a decade of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types.


We work with you to create a customized fence design to fit your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the highest quality fencing materials are used to construct long-lasting, durable fences.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers expertly build your customized fence to meet all codes and regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Your happiness is our top priority.


Our prices are competitive and our qualified team works efficiently to keep costs low.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Dayton, Ohio

FAQs About Deer Fencing in Dayton, Ohio

What is the best height for a deer fence?

The recommended deer fence height is 8-10 feet. This prevents deer from easily jumping over or pressing down the barrier. We customize measurements based on deer population and terrain.

What materials work best for keeping deer out?

Durable woven wire or welded wire mesh, high-tensile tension wire, robust wood or vinyl privacy panels are effective. We select solutions suited to deer pressures.

How long does a deer fence last?

Properly installed and maintained, our deer fences retain integrity for over 15-20 years. Regular upkeep boosts longevity.

Does a fence need a top guard to stop deer?

Special fence toppers can enhance function but aren’t essential with proper height and construction. Our fences don’t need extra guards.

Should gates have a deer fence too?

Gates should have equal fence height and durability to prevent deer passage. We equip gates to match the full fence barrier.

How often should a deer fence be checked?

Annual inspections ensure optimal conditions. We promptly address any wear, breaches or needed adjustments in fences we install.

Do electric fences work well for deer?

Electric adding provides additional deterrent but effective boundary fence barriers are the primary protection. Non-electric fences properly installed also excel.

What about fences keeps deer away?

Robust construction to desired height, enhanced tension wire, minimized gaps, strategic gates and hardware make breaching difficult for deer.

Will deer eventually stop trying to enter the fence?

Deer may test the fence especially during seasons when food is scarce. But a properly secured barrier will condition them not to trespass.

Why choose your company for deer fencing?

Our 10+ years experience delivering custom fence installations makes us experts at cost-effective deer barrier solutions that keep landscapes protected in Dayton and surrounding regions.

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carol Alex

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After getting quotes from several fencing companies, I chose to go with this one due to their reasonable pricing. Not only was the quote affordable, but they did an outstanding job installing my new vinyl fence. It was crafted with care and precision.
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We interviewed numerous fencing contractors before deciding on this company. Their experience and expertise with various fencing materials was unmatched. Our custom ornamental aluminum fence exudes elegance and sophistication.
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