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Fence Maintenance Near Dayton Ohio

When it comes to protecting your property, nothing beats a sturdy, well-maintained fence.

At Fence Company Dayton Ohio, we specialize in fence maintenance and repair services to keep your fence looking its best and functioning properly for years to come.

Regular fence maintenance is crucial to get the most value and security from your investment.

Our skilled team has the expertise to properly inspect, repair, and maintain all types of fencing.

We use only the highest quality materials and latest techniques to keep your fence in optimal condition.

With our fence maintenance program, we can catch minor issues before they become expensive repairs.

We also ensure your fence complies with all local codes and regulations. Simply put, proper maintenance keeps your fence doing its job day after day.

Process We Follow for Fence Maintenance

Performing proper fence maintenance requires expertise, time and the right tools. Here is an overview of our fence maintenance process from inspection to repair to enhance the look and function of your fence:


The first step is meeting with you on-site to assess your specific fence maintenance needs. We’ll discuss your concerns, usage, problem areas, and desired outcome. This allows us to develop a customized maintenance plan.

Thorough Inspection

Next, our team does a fence line walk-around to inspect materials, posts, boards, gates and hardware. We look for any issues needing repair and note areas requiring preventative maintenance like staining or vegetation removal.

Job Quote

Based on inspection, we provide a detailed quote outlining the maintenance tasks recommended, including repair of any deficiencies found. This allows you to approve specific services and materials that meet your time and budget constraints.


Once quote is approved, we schedule service at your convenience. Maintenance requests are completed promptly in about 3-5 business days on average. Emergency repairs can be expedited as needed.

Materials Preparation

Crews gather all necessary materials and equipment prior to your scheduled service date. This includes lumber, hardware, tools, protective coatings, pest control treatments and more. Proper prep ensures efficiency on the job.

Work Area Preparation

On the scheduled day, our crew sets up safety cones/barricades and debris containment as needed. The work area is prepped to protect your property and plants during service.

Maintenance Execution

Crew chief designates tasks and the team begins performing all maintenance items outlined in your quote. Work is completed systematically with safety as our top priority at all times.

Inspection & Cleanup

Once service is complete, the work is thoroughly inspected to ensure all maintenance was completed properly. We haul away all debris and tidy the area.


You review the finished work and settle your invoice. We offer easy payment by credit card, check or online. Discount for new maintenance agreements paid in full.


After service, we call to confirm satisfaction and answer any additional questions. We provide fence care tips and reminders about optimal timing for future maintenance needs.

Our start-to-finish maintenance process enables us to renew the beauty and function of your fencing. With routine service, your fence will continue providing security, privacy and visual appeal for your Dayton property for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your fence maintenance.

Cost of Fence Maintenance in Dayton Ohio

Investing in regular fence maintenance pays off exponentially over time in terms of longevity, security and aesthetics. At Fence Company Dayton Ohio, our maintenance packages are designed to be affordable for most budgets.

Exact maintenance costs depend on total linear footage of fence line, materials used, and services needed. Other factors like accessibility, terrain difficulty and time also impact price.

Here are typical price ranges for common Dayton fence maintenance services:

  • Basic Inspection & Assessment – $0.25 – $1 per linear foot
  • Fence Repairs – $50 – $100 per hour
  • Wood Staining/Sealing – $0.75 – $2 per linear foot
  • Pest Control Treatment – $150 – $350 per application
  • Vegetation Removal – $50 – $150 per hour
  • Hardware Tightening – $1 – $2 per linear foot
  • Gates Adjustments – $45 – $95 per gate
  • Emergency Repair Call Fee – $50 – $150

Discounts for larger jobs, multi-service packages, and prepaid maintenance agreements are available. Get your custom quote today!

Proper maintenance costs a fraction compared to total fence replacement. With regular upkeep by our experts, we can keep your fence in top shape and delay the need for expensive repairs or replacement for years down the road.

The small investment now delivers lasting benefits. Contact us to start a maintenance plan for long-term fence protection and beauty.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over a decade of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types.


We work with you to create a customized fence design to fit your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the highest quality fencing materials are used to construct long-lasting, durable fences.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers expertly build your customized fence to meet all codes and regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Your happiness is our top priority.


Our prices are competitive and our qualified team works efficiently to keep costs low.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Dayton, Ohio

FAQs About Fence Maintenance in Dayton, Ohio

How often should I maintain my fence?

For most homeowners, scheduling maintenance every 6-12 months is ideal. Fences in high-traffic/high-exposure areas or extreme weather may need service more frequently. We determine optimal timing specific to your fence during inspection.

Does fence maintenance really make a difference?

Absolutely! Just like your vehicle, regular tune-ups extend your fence’s lifespan and function. Maintenance identifies minor issues before they worsen into costly repairs. It keeps your fence in top shape.

What are signs I need fence maintenance?

Look for leaning/wobbly posts, loose pickets, missing nails/screws, warped boards, rotting wood, rust, and excess dirt/grime buildup. Gates that sag or don’t latch properly are also red flags needing attention.

Does fence maintenance include repairs?

Yes! Repairing deficiencies found during inspection is a key part of the maintenance process. We fix issues like loose boards, damaged posts/crossbeams and hardware. This prevents further deterioration.

Do you use pressure washing for fence maintenance?

Not recommended! Pressure washing can damage wood fencing and drive moisture into posts/boards. Our crews hand wash fences and use other safe prep methods before sealing or staining.

What if I can only afford basic inspection now?

No problem! We provide repair quotes to fit any budget. You decide which maintenance items are most critical. We can schedule services in phases over time if needed.

How long does the average maintenance service take?

Most routine maintenance takes 1-2 days including inspection, repairs, staining/sealing and cleanup. Larger fences or extensive repairs may take longer. We schedule services efficiently with minimal disruption.

Do you offer maintenance plans/service contracts?

Yes, scheduled maintenance plans offer convenience and discounted rates. Plans can be month-to-month or annual prepaid. Custom packages are available to meet your specific needs and budget.

What is your emergency repair policy?

As maintenance customers, you receive discounted rates for any emergency repairs between visits. This ensures you don’t pay full price for surprise issues needing immediate attention.

Will fence maintenance preserve my existing fence or do I need new?

In most cases, proper maintenance extends the life of your current fence many more years. Replacement may eventually be needed for aging, extremely damaged fences.

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After getting quotes from several fencing companies, I chose to go with this one due to their reasonable pricing. Not only was the quote affordable, but they did an outstanding job installing my new vinyl fence. It was crafted with care and precision.
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We interviewed numerous fencing contractors before deciding on this company. Their experience and expertise with various fencing materials was unmatched. Our custom ornamental aluminum fence exudes elegance and sophistication.
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