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Residential Aluminum Fencing Near Dayton Ohio

Are you looking to install a new fence around your Dayton, Ohio property? Aluminum fences are a great option for residential homes for their durability, low-maintenance, and customizability.

With over 10 years of experience, Fence Company Dayton Ohio is the premier fencing contractor for aluminum fences in Dayton and surrounding areas.

Aluminum is one of the best materials for fencing. It is rust resistant, which means it can withstand Dayton Ohio’s varying weather conditions year after year without degrading.

Aluminum fencing has a lifetime of over 20 years, much longer than wood or vinyl, saving you from frequent fence repairs or replacement costs.

Our team custom designs and installs aluminum fences to enhance the architecture and landscape of your home. From simple Privacy Fences to ornate Estate Fences, our aluminum fence styles and designs fit homes of every style, big or small.

We offer aluminum fences in a variety of heights, colors, and decorative accents to match your exterior perfectly.

Our experienced Dayton fence contractors handle the entire aluminum fence installation process for you.

We provide a free quote on-site, take care of permitting, and professionally install your aluminum fence to the highest standard. We also provide any needed repairs down the road to ensure the longevity of your fence.

With Fence Company Dayton Ohio, you can expect a hassle-free experience and a stunning, durable aluminum fence that adds value, security, and personality to your residential property in Dayton or nearby towns.

Process We Follow for Residential Aluminum Fencing

Installing a residential aluminum fence is a complex process that requires expertise, planning, and precision work.

With over a decade of experience, our team at Fence Company Dayton Ohio has installed hundreds of aluminum fences throughout Dayton and nearby areas. When you choose us for your aluminum fencing project, we follow this careful process:

Initial Consultation

The first step is to meet at your property in Dayton Ohio for a free initial consultation. We take measurements, discuss your vision for the fence, and provide recommendations on styles, textures, colors, and sizes that will work best for your yard. We can show you aluminum fence design samples and gallery images to help you decide on what you want.

Custom Fence Design

Once you decide on a fence design, we will create a 3D design model and detailed drawings of your customized aluminum fence. We specify every component and double-check the layout.

This allows you to visualize how the aluminum fence will look installed on your property. We can make any revisions to the design at this stage before finalization.


Our team will acquire all the necessary permits and complete any required city inspections needed for the residential aluminum fence installation in Dayton, Ohio. We handle this permitting process for you so that your fence complies with local codes and zoning laws.

Materials and Hardware Selection

There are many types of aluminum fencing available today. We select the best aluminum fence materials and hardware for your specific project.

Some aspects we consider are the fence height, section length, aluminum grade, powder coating, and hardware durability. High-quality materials ensure your aluminum fence will have exceptional strength, natural corrosion resistance, and lasting beauty.

Site Preparation

Proper site preparation is crucial to a smooth installation. We survey the fence layout area and do any necessary clearing, leveling, or soil conditioning. For hilly areas, soil excision and re-grading may be required. We remove any existing fences or obstructions as needed.

Post Hole Installation

We dig precision post holes using an auger to the correct depth and spacing according to the fence design. For optimal stability, aluminum fence posts are cemented into the ground. The concrete cures for the required time to ensure sturdy setting of the posts.

Fence Panel Assembly

Our expert team assembles the fence panels horizontally on sawhorses for ease of construction. We join the aluminum frame bars and infill panels using heavy-duty steel bolts to create strong, rigid fence sections. Any decorative elements, caps, or finials are added at this stage.

Panel Installation

With the concrete cured, we hoist the fence panels into position between the aluminum posts. Panels get fastened securely to the posts with mounting brackets.

We make sure spacing between panels is correct, everything is perfectly aligned, and posts are plumb. Our crew will also install the aluminum gates.

Finish Grading and Landscaping

As the final step, we neatly backfill holes, remove debris, and grade surrounding terrain. Sprucing up disturbed areas with new grass, plants, mulch or gravel completes the professional installation. We can also provide any hardscaping services needed around the new aluminum fence.

Our attention to every construction detail ensures your aluminum fence is perfectly installed for lasting function and beauty. Contact Fence Company Dayton Ohio to get started on your aluminum fence project!

Cost of Residential Aluminum Fencing in Dayton Ohio

What can you expect to budget for a new aluminum fence installation on your Dayton, Ohio residential property? Cost varies based on:

  • Fence Height – Taller fences over 6 feet cost more than shorter privacy fences.
  • Section Length – Longer span between posts is more expensive than shorter sections.
  • Aluminum Quality – Heavy-duty 6000 series marine-grade aluminum costs 20-50% more than lighter residential grades.
  • Decorative Accents – Add-ons like finials, rings, and latticework increase cost.
  • Gate Features – Single gates are less than double gates, hardware adds cost.
  • Site Factors – Terrain requiring grading/excavation, removal of old fence, etc adds costs.

Most standard aluminum privacy fences from 4-6 feet tall installed on a flat yard in Dayton run $25-40 per linear foot installed. Estate-style aluminum fences 6 feet and over with decorative features average $50-70 per linear foot. Gates, lighting, or heavy-duty aluminum grades add more.

Get an exact price quote tailored to your project requirements from our fence experts at Fence Company Dayton Ohio. Our prices are competitive in the Dayton area fencing market for the premium quality and service we provide.

Investing in aluminum fence pays off long-term compared to wood requiring frequent staining, repair and full replacement every 10 years. Contact us today to get started!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over a decade of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types.


We work with you to create a customized fence design to fit your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the highest quality fencing materials are used to construct long-lasting, durable fences.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers expertly build your customized fence to meet all codes and regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Your happiness is our top priority.


Our prices are competitive and our qualified team works efficiently to keep costs low.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Dayton, Ohio

FAQs About Residential Aluminum Fencing in Dayton, Ohio

Is aluminum fencing better than wood or vinyl fencing?

Aluminum is more durable, dent-resistant, and longer-lasting than wood or vinyl fencing. It has a lifetime over 20 years and needs no staining, sealing or frequent repairs. Aluminum fences maintain their like-new appearance year after year.

Does aluminum fencing look good for homes?

Absolutely! Aluminum fencing comes in a variety of styles from classic privacy fences to ornate estate fences that complement any home’s architecture and landscaping beautifully. The powder coated finish allows customized color choices.

What’s the best type of aluminum for fences?

We recommend marine-grade 6000 series aluminum alloys or 5052 aluminum for optimal strength and corrosion resistance in residential fence applications. Avoid cheaper 1000 & 3000 series aluminum grades which dent easily.

How long does aluminum fencing last compared to other materials?

Aluminum fences have a lifetime of over 20 years with little maintenance required. This is 2-4 times longer than wood fences that decay after 5-10 years. Aluminum also outlasts vinyl which becomes brittle and discolored over time.

How is aluminum fencing installed properly?

Professional installation is a must for a long-lasting, safe aluminum fence. The posts must be securely cemented in the ground and panels properly attached to posts with strong brackets. Our experienced installers use proper techniques.

What maintenance is needed for aluminum fences?

Aluminum’s protective oxide layer prevents rust or decay so minimal maintenance is needed. Simply hosing down the fence occasionally keeps it looking beautiful for decades. No restaining or sealing required!

Are aluminum fences more expensive than other types?

Aluminum fence costs are competitive with wood or vinyl when you account for its longer lifespan. The upfront investment pays off since aluminum fences don’t need frequent repairs and full replacement like other materials.

Can aluminum fences stand up to bad weather?

Aluminum can withstand all weather extremes including the freezing Ohio winters and hot summers. The marine-grade powder coating prevents chipping, peeling or discoloration from sun, rain, wind, ice, and snow.

How much wind can aluminum fencing withstand?

Aluminum’s lightweight yet very strong construction allows it to withstand up to 120 mph winds when properly installed according to fence code. The key is strength at the post-to-concrete connection.

Can aluminum fence be painted any color?

Yes! Our standard color palette has 10 powder coating options but we can also do custom color matches. From classic black to vibrant red, the finish integrates color through the entire thickness of the aluminum for lifelong color retention.

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