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Privacy Fencing Near Dayton Ohio

Are you looking to add privacy fencing around your Dayton, Ohio property? Installing a privacy fence is one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor living space by adding security, increasing privacy, and improving the aesthetics of your yard.

Our team of professional fence installation experts at Fence Company Dayton Ohio specialize in designing and building beautiful privacy fences to meet each customer’s unique needs and budget.

With over 15 years of experience, we are the premier fencing company in the Dayton area that homeowners trust to get the job done right.

A properly installed privacy fence creates a secluded oasis in your own backyard, keeping prying eyes out while keeping pets and children safely contained in the yard.

Unlike a chain link or wire fence, privacy fencing features solid panels constructed out of wood, vinyl, composite materials, or aluminum.

This allows you to enjoy your outdoor space free of distractions and unwanted onlookers.

Privacy fencing is perfect for creating a private area for swimming pools, patios, gardens, or any other backyard activities without compromising the openness or airflow.

Our team will help you choose the right height, style, and placement of your privacy fence to enhance the look of your property.

We offer custom design services to ensure your new fence blends beautifully into your outdoor landscape.

In addition to enhancing privacy, a well-built fence adds beauty, character, and monetary value to your Dayton home. It also provides sound dampening from nearby roads or noisy neighbors.

Let the professionals at Fence Company Dayton Ohio add distinction to your property with a stunning privacy fence installation!

Process We Follow for Privacy Fencing

Installing a privacy fence is a complex project that requires proper planning, precise construction, high-quality materials, and experienced installers to get the job done right. Here is a look at our comprehensive process when you hire our Dayton, Ohio team for your privacy fencing needs:

Initial Consultation

The first step is to schedule a visit to your property for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will measure the perimeter of the area you want enclosed by the privacy fence and discuss your vision for its placement and appearance. Key considerations include:

  • Intended purpose of the fence (security, child/pet containment, noise reduction, aesthetics, etc.)
  • Height preference
  • Type of material – wood, vinyl, composite, aluminum
  • Style options like alternating board, shadowbox, or solid panel
  • Placement of gates and access points
  • Local codes and ordinances

Our team will assess the terrain and unique aspects of your yard that may influence the fencing design. We will also talk through options to match your budget.

Detailed Quote

After the initial consultation, we will provide you with a detailed quote outlining the project specifications, total cost, and timeframe.

This will break down the costs for materials, labor, permits (if needed), and any site preparation required. We will also present fence style and material options that suit your property and needs.

Finalizing Design Plans

Once you approve the quote, we will begin finalizing the privacy fence design and comprehensive installation plan. This includes 3D renderings of your customized fence so you can visualize how it will look in your yard.

We will collaborate with you on small adjustments to ensure you are completely satisfied before purchasing materials and starting the job.


If your local ordinances in Dayton, OH require a permit for privacy fence installation, we will complete the permit application and obtain approval from the city before starting the project. We are well-versed in local zoning laws and requirements.

Material Delivery & Site Preparation

Materials for your privacy fence will be delivered a few days before installation begins. Pressure-treated posts, fencing boards, gates, hardware, and accessories specifically for your project will arrive at our warehouse.

Meanwhile, our crew will complete any necessary site preparation where your fence will be placed. This may involve clearing vegetation, leveling the terrain, or digging post holes through rock or tree roots. Proper site prep ensures your fence will be securely anchored for lasting stability and alignment.

Installation Process

Once materials are onsite and the area is prepped, our professional fence builders will start constructing your privacy fence. This involves meticulously:

  • Setting support posts in concrete
  • Attaching horizontal crossbeams between the posts
  • Measuring and cutting each fence board to fit
  • Securing boards to crossbeams with galvanized fasteners
  • Installing gates, hardware, latticework, or trim
  • Applying protective sealant (as needed per material type)

Our mission is to build you a beautifully crafted, high-quality fence that enhances your property for decades to come. We take extreme care in every step of the installation process. Safety is also paramount.

Throughout the project, we barricade the active work zone and clean up thoroughly each day before leaving your property. We treat both your home and yard with the utmost respect.

Inspection and Completion

Once your new privacy fence is installed, we will walk through with you to inspect every detail and make any final adjustments per your requests. We will also provide tips on maintaining your fence to keep it looking great.

It is our policy to not consider the job complete until you are 100% satisfied. We will work diligently until you are happy with your new privacy fence from Fence Company Dayton Ohio.

Cost of Privacy Fencing in Dayton Ohio

The cost of privacy fencing in Dayton will depend on several factors, including:

  • Length – The linear footage needed to enclose your space. Longer runs typically achieve lower per foot pricing.
  • Height – Standard privacy fences range from 6 to 8 feet tall. Taller fences cost more.
  • Material – Wood, vinyl, composite blends, aluminum. Vinyl and aluminum cost more than pressure-treated wood.
  • Style – Basic, alternating boards, lattice accents, decorative patterns, etc. The more detailed the fence, the higher the price.
  • Terrain – Fences across sloped or uneven yards require more labor.
  • Special features – Custom arbors, gates, border plantings. These add-ons increase overall project pricing.
  • Demolition fees – If removing an old fence prior to installing the new one.

To give you a general idea, here are sample price ranges:

  • Basic 6’ Pressure-Treated Wood Privacy Fence
    • $25 – $35 per linear foot installed
  • 6’ Shadowbox Cedar Wood Privacy Fence
    • $30 – $50 per linear foot installed
  • 7’ Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice Accents
    • $45 – $65 per linear foot installed
  • 8′ Aluminum Privacy Fence with Custom Gate
    • $65 – $100 per linear foot installed

Keep in mind these are approximate costs. Contact Fence Company Dayton Ohio for an accurate quote tailored to your unique project parameters. We offer affordable pricing and reliable privacy fence installation services homeowners can trust.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over a decade of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types.


We work with you to create a customized fence design to fit your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the highest quality fencing materials are used to construct long-lasting, durable fences.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers expertly build your customized fence to meet all codes and regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Your happiness is our top priority.


Our prices are competitive and our qualified team works efficiently to keep costs low.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Dayton, Ohio

FAQs About Privacy Fencing in Dayton, Ohio

Is a permit required to install a privacy fence in Dayton?

Most areas require a permit for fences over 6 feet tall. We obtain permits on your behalf.

What is the most popular height for privacy fences?

6 and 7 foot tall privacy fences are the most popular. 8 feet is also common around pools.

Which material is best for privacy fencing – wood, vinyl, or aluminum?

Wood is affordable but requires maintenance. Vinyl and aluminum cost more but are durable and low-maintenance.

Should I choose alternating board or shadowbox style for my privacy fence?

Alternating adds visual interest and airflow. Shadowbox is most private. Choose based on your goals.

How long does it take to install a privacy fence?

Most installs take 3-5 days with proper planning. We schedule installs efficiently.

Can a privacy fence be installed on a slope or uneven terrain?

Yes, though it takes extra time and materials to accommodate challenging areas.

Can I plant vines like jasmine on a new privacy fence?

Yes! We can add vertical supports to accommodate vine growth.

How much space should be left between the fence and property line?

We recommend 6 inches to allow room for maintenance and vegetation growth.

What type of gates should I install on a privacy fence?

Walk gates provide easy access for people. Choose wide, double gates for vehicles.

How can I increase the lifespan of my wood privacy fence?

Applying protective sealant helps wood fences last 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

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We interviewed numerous fencing contractors before deciding on this company. Their experience and expertise with various fencing materials was unmatched. Our custom ornamental aluminum fence exudes elegance and sophistication.
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