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Sports Field Fencing Company Near Dayton Ohio

As a premier fencing company in Dayton, we specialize in designing, building, and installing high-quality sports field fencing for schools, parks, athletic complexes, and other recreation areas.

With over 10 years of experience, our team has worked with clients across Dayton to create safe, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing fences for various field sports.

We understand the unique fencing needs for baseball, softball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and other sports venues.

Custom sports fencing requires specialty knowledge to allow for proper game play, withstand impact from balls and players, provide necessary height and visibility, and comply with league regulations.

Our experts can advise on appropriate fencing materials like galvanized chain link, aluminum, steel, and ornamental iron to best suit your facility and budget.

In addition to strong and adaptable materials, we also pay special attention to the layout, spatial requirements, access points, protective netting or padding, and necessary accessories for each unique field configuration.

With the right fencing solutions from our Dayton team, you can create sports venues that maximize safety, enhance game functionality, and provide long-lasting durability even with heavy daily use.

Process We Follow for Sports Field Fencing

Consultation and Planning

The first step when working with our Dayton fencing crew is an in-depth consultation and planning session at your field location. We’ll evaluate important considerations like:

  • Intended sports and necessary dimensions
  • Field layout and boundaries
  • Soil conditions and terrain
  • Access points and gates
  • Space for dugouts, benches, bleachers etc.
  • Budget for the project
  • Timeline and scheduling

This allows us to develop a customized fencing recommendation tailored to your specific sports venue needs.

Material Selection

Next, our experts will help you select the best fencing materials and accessories for safety, security, durability and aesthetics given the intended sports usage and your budget.

Common material options include:

  • Galvanized Steel Chain Link: Most cost-effective option, durable for high traffic areas, allows visibility of games in progress
  • Aluminum: Lightweight yet strong, comes in various colors/coatings, needs less maintenance than steel
  • Ornamental Iron: More decorative look, often used for boundary fencing along with chain link on the interior field
  • Protective Netting/Padding: Important for fan safety in high impact sports like baseball, lacrosse, golf etc.

We carry a wide catalog of sports fencing components so you can get the ideal mix of functionality, safety and decorative appeal.


Once materials are selected, our professional crew will handle the full installation process including:

  • Stadium layout and placing corner posts/poles
  • Digging holes for concrete footings
  • Setting fence posts and attaching fabric
  • Adding gates, dugouts, protective barriers etc.
  • Finishing with post caps for safety and appearance

Our experts take care to follow field dimensions exactly as needed for regulation play in your sport. We also work efficiently to minimize disruption to your property or schedule.

Permitting and Inspections

If necessary, we can coordinate any required permitting for the city inspections department. We’ll also handle the final inspection to ensure your sports fencing is certified as complete and meeting safety codes. This gives you true turnkey service from planning to approved final installation.

Cost of Sports Field Fencing in Dayton Ohio

The cost of sports field fencing depends on the extent of the project including linear feet of fencing needed, materials used, terrain complexity, access gates required, protective netting etc. Composite fencing products like plastic or aluminum often cost more upfront but require less lifetime maintenance.

  • Chain Link Fencing: Approximately $20 – $40 per linear foot plus installation costs
  • Aluminum/Steel Ornamental Fencing: $40 – $70 per linear foot plus installation
  • Protective Netting: $10 per square foot installed depending on height

To receive an exact quote tailored to your specific sports field and preferences, please contact our team today. We offer competitive pricing with flexible financing options to fit within your budget.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over a decade of experience designing, building, and installing fences of all types.


We work with you to create a customized fence design to fit your unique needs and style.

Quality Materials

Only the highest quality fencing materials are used to construct long-lasting, durable fences.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers expertly build your customized fence to meet all codes and regulations.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Your happiness is our top priority.


Our prices are competitive and our qualified team works efficiently to keep costs low.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Dayton, Ohio

FAQs About Sports Field Fencing in Dayton, Ohio

What types of fields can you install fencing for?

Our Dayton crew handles fencing projects for nearly any type of recreational sports field including baseball, softball, multipurpose, football, soccer, field hockey, tennis courts, lacrosse, track and field, and more. We can meet regulation requirements for most youth or professional sports leagues.

How do you determine appropriate fence height?

Fence height is based on the sport type, league standards, land contours, and viewing considerations. For example, baseball fences are typically 4-8 feet tall. We customize height based on your venue goals.

Can you match existing fences on my property?

Absolutely. If you already have galvanized chain link or aluminum ornamental fencing installed, we can extend new sections using the same materials and appearance for consistency.

How long does a typical sports field fencing installation take?

Depending on size and materials, most projects take 2-6 weeks from start to finish. We’ll provide a specific timeline estimate during our consultation.

Do I need a permit for sports field fencing in Dayton?

In some cases, a permit may be required depending on the scope of work, proximity to property lines, or wiring needs. We’ll review requirements and submit permit applications if necessary.

Can existing grass or soil be damaged during installation?

We take precautions to protect turf and landscaping during project construction. Some minor disruption is unavoidable but we’ll restore any incidental damage before job completion.

How often does sports field fencing need maintenance?

With quality materials and proper installation, sports field fences can go years without needing significant attention. We’re happy to provide maintenance services if repairs or upkeep are ever needed.

What other services does your company offer?

In addition to sports venues, we also handle fencing for commercial properties, security applications, residential yards, pool barriers, dog runs, and farm/ranch containment.

Does my project need custom engineering plans?

For most standard field layouts, our in-house expertise is sufficient. But we can coordinate engineering stamps if required by your jurisdiction for permitting.

Who will be the project manager/main contact?

Once contracted, we assign a dedicated project manager to coordinate scheduling, crew oversight, inspections etc. They will be your single point of contact from start to completion.

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After getting quotes from several fencing companies, I chose to go with this one due to their reasonable pricing. Not only was the quote affordable, but they did an outstanding job installing my new vinyl fence. It was crafted with care and precision.
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We interviewed numerous fencing contractors before deciding on this company. Their experience and expertise with various fencing materials was unmatched. Our custom ornamental aluminum fence exudes elegance and sophistication.
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